Vice of Blame. 
Mordancy is an “Ulcer” of the Soul!

        “What it is — the vice of blame of which Jesus spoke?” — once during a conversation Vladimir touched this topic. — “The blame — it is not an intellectual process but emotional: negative emotions take place here.
        “Most clearly this phenomenon manifests itself in the habit of seeing only the bad in other people and events — and to condemn them. And when it is not possible to find the evil in someone or something — it is replaced by defiling fantasies.
        “Why do people do it? In order to (consciously or unconsciously) humiliate in this way others — in comparison with oneself! So spiritual paltry individuals increase their self-esteem before themselves and others, which gives them a false self-satisfaction.
        “Many people, used to living in this state all the time, not understanding that they damage by this, first of all, themselves; currently prepare themselves for hell.
        “Hell is a place of the cluster (in the respective layers of multidimensional space) of those souls who have developed in themselves these and other gross properties.
        “This quality of mind is called also sarcasm.
        “This defect is similar to a rotting ulcer in the soul, looking as disgusting as the oozing with pus and blood reeking ulcer on the material body.
        “Such people get pleasure, in particular, by ‘stinging’ others with caustic remarks. Or they try — in talks — to defile others in absentia. Or — more rarely — sarcasm does not manifest itself in words, but is covered by silence and false external consent.
        “The last ‘hidden’ form of sarcasm may be difficult to see. To do this, do not believe the words of such a person, but feel his or her emotional state.
        “Such ‘stinging’ people destroy the harmony of relationships in any group, consisting of relatively healthy emotionally people.
        “Although it also happens that the powerful devil incarnate soul draws into its sphere of influence other mentally weak people, attuning them with oneself, programming them also in hell. Especially tragic this phenomenon looks, when the youth comes under the influence of such leaders. This is what happens, first of all, in the political and unhealthy religious environments.
        “Also is typical, when children are infected with this disease from their parents (through the mechanism of identification*).
        “Yes, sarcasm is contagious! Beware!
        “... How one who has seen this terrible vice in oneself, can defeat it?
        “First of all, this one must understand that God, Who is Love, does not look with love on one’s sarcasm. But He allows people to choose their own ways: someone is striving into His Embraces, someone — to hell...
        “Each may ask oneself: where do I want to be?
        “And what to do if I want God but not hell?
        “The first — to put one’s own thoughts under control. Our emotions often arise from thoughts. So, as soon as I see a vicious train of thought in me, — it must be stopped. How? — at least by switching mind to another topic or thinking about something pleasant and not sinful. And — repent!
        “But radically and definitively to solve this problem, it is possible only by mastering the methods of psychic self-regulation and by developing oneself as a spiritual heart.”

*  In detail you can read on this theme in my book “How God can be Cognized”.

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