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Concentrate Now on Your Own Perfection!

        Then we talked around the campfire. During such conversations one theme stood out and we returned to it later repeatedly. This was medical issues.
        Once long ago I picked up a nail fungus. This disease “rooted” into me, among others. I was treated by well-known medical mycologists. They advised for me a highly known and widely advertised drug. But I did not see any positive results due to it. And now, when I was offered to try on the shoes of some of my new friends, I was obliged to confess about this highly contagious disease. At the same time I called out the medicine that I desperately tried to cure myself with, without any hope.
        But Vladimir and Larisa simultaneously exclaimed:
        “But this medicine is completely ineffective!”
        Vladimir added:
        “A lot of people are sick with the same fungus as you are, and they are treating it with the same medicament as you. This situation continues during decades of their lives or until the death of their bodies! Why so? Because the leaders of some pharmaceutical companies are very interested in false advertising. And this concerns not only this medicament. Such pseudo-medicines can be inserted into medical literature, into textbooks. In reality every good medical doctor is to make their own personal search for the best, the really most effective ways to treat patients.
        “All medical doctors can be divided into: a) enthusiasts looking for news in literature and on the Internet, seeking out new medical goods, constantly observing the progress of the treatment of their patients, they are selecting all the new methods of treatment — and b) those who are too lazy to move, who do not care about the true welfare of the patients, but they think only about their salaries and ‘just sit out quietly until pension’…”
        Larisa, who suffered from the same disease of nails in the past, was lucky with her doctor: he appointed to her the treatment consisting of the combination of Exoderil and Dimexidum, against a background of softening of the affected nails by a special exfoliating ointment, followed by filing down the affected nail tissues, or even cutting them down with a razor. The disease disappeared without a trace. (It was also easy for me to get rid, later, of the same problem by following the same advice).
        Vladimir continued this theme, enumerating often prescribed medicines, which, we can even say, are traditional, but completely ineffective. It was interesting to talk with him on this subject. His mother was a physician, and he himself became a biologist and worked for decades of his life in various areas of medicine, even in such areas as neurophysiology, obstetrics, and others. While being a student of a university as a biologist and ecologist, he studied anatomy, physiology, histology, cytology, biochemistry… Later, he defended his dissertation in medicine. He mastered even surgery, taught physiology at a medical institute, taught to medical students and doctors the art of psychic self-regulation, which he developed and repeatedly published in different aspects…
        In particular, I remember his following medical advices and approvals:
        “One important cause of high blood pressure is the surplus consumption of common salt. It is impossible to get rid of hypertension without removing this factor.
        “The common cause of inflammation in joints is a rheumatic disease. Sulphanilamide treats well its pathogen microbes.
        “It is appropriate to begin the treatment of diabetes with cleansing chakra manipura.
        “A cough may be, in addition to infectious causes, the result of bio-vampirism produced by someone who is close to the patient and who, at the same time, strongly wants love and attention from him or her.
        “Coughing may also occur if a hair (or other debris) is inhaled (for example, during laughing) — and this hair sticks to the wall of an airway.
        “While suffering from sexual bio-vampirism, chakra svadhisthana may also be affected, and this can cause inflammation of the uterine appendages.
        “Using undigested milk products — is the frequent cause of diarrhea in adults. This is because the digestive system of not all adults produces enzymes that are necessary for the complete processing of milk components. These enzymes are produced in children. But, with age, their production ceases, except when milk continues to be in their diet without long breaks.
        “Canceroids can be overcome by cleansing the chakras, meridians, and by ‘winter swimming’,” — Vladimir told how, when he taught psychic self-regulation (at the level of raja yoga), there were in his groups several inoperable cancer patients. After the course of these lessons all of them looked quite improved in health, including disappearance of pain. And the results were strong: after years he met them again in forests: they were collecting mushrooms, or continuing their training in meditative running, or in “winter swimming”.
        “Against angina, rinses with potassium permanganate are usually good. And it makes sense to always keep it at home already divorced — in case one becomes ill, and was not too lazy to prepare it. Another fine method in such cases — a chloramphenicol tablet on the tongue root at night. It cures, including tonsillitis with their viral origins, because chloramphenicol has very strong cleansing power for the affected area. (But it increases intestinal peristalsis, so before a long journey, for example, it is not right to take it).
        “The cause of frequent headaches usually is the clogging of the head chakras (sahasrara and ajna) by energies of those animals, whose bodies were used as food.
        “Also the result of such unclear (ethically and in terms of bioenergy) feeling is the narrowing of small vessels of the brain due to the deposition of uric acid salts in their walls. This is — one of the manifestations of gout (podagra). Gout causes not only headaches, but impairs memory and intellectual function in general.
        “Another category of headaches is a migraine, with pain in one half of the head. The cause must be sought primarily in inflammation of the roots of the teeth. These teeth should be treated or removed.
        “The using of animals’ flesh as nutrition — it is also the cause of digestive organs diseases.
        “In all such cases the mechanism of these problems consists in a combination of ethical and bioenergy negative factors.
        “When heel ‘spurs’ and other pains in periosteum, tendons, and muscles are — the local impact of Dimexidum helps. (But after heavy use of Dimexidum bad breath may appear).
        “For treatment of cystitis, it is usually taking enough pills of Nitrofuralum.
        “Of trichomoniasis — Tinidazole will help (but not Metronidazole, which never gives a complete cure). (Both Tinidazole and Metronidazole may also be successfully used against intestinal infections).
        “If you have problems in the thyroid gland, it is necessary, above all, to cleanse chakra vishudha.
        “Of hemorrhoids — this solution is to oil with propolis ointment. Propolis — it is a great tool that speeds up the healing process. (But it must be carefully used in the summer time, for bees are not indifferent to it).
        “You should not get involved against a cold with adrenalin-containing vasoconstrictor drops. They produce ‘habituation’: nasal mucous membrane will ‘require’ new and new portions of adrenalin; without it the mucous membrane remains in the swollen state, thus a drug-induced chronic ‘runny nose’. (If it has already occurred, it is possible to win a stay by high temperatures: summer heat, saunas).
        “When there is a pain in the muscles after high surcharges, Phenylbutazone or Comarum Palustre cream will be the best. (The first of them gives a more rapid effect).
        “Indometacin helps cure in cases of joint swelling (because of strikes or corns by shoes). This is especially important if this happens during long walks through forests or other natural landscapes: for swelling around damaged leg joints — because of their acute pain — don’t let you go any further. In such cases it is possible to put indomethacin ointment on the wound site and — with a raised leg — to lay on a tight bandage tape or court plaster, scotch. This, in particular, prevents oedema’s growth.
        “In a case of papillomas — it is desirable to dispose of it quickly: viruses multiply in them, and this can cause much more serious problems, including oncological.”
        “Enough for now?” — Vladimir asked. — “If not, then we can continue this topic.”
        “Long time I had very high interest in the use of medicinal plants.”
        “Excellent! But only few of those plants, which are called so, give any real benefit. Others are used only ‘by tradition’, that is, they — are not effective at all, if not harmful. Among the truly effective plants, I can now recommend:
        “Sage — as an anti-inflammatory for problems in stomach and esophagus.
        “Potentilla erecta, as a brew, is an excellent plant for treatment of inflammations in the digestive system, especially in the intestine. It is usually recommended to harvest, digging roots in the autumn. However in this situation these wonderful perennials, of course, die. But the aboveground parts of potentilla are effective for treatment none the less. Therefore, potentilla should be laid — in the autumn, when the plants already gave their seeds to the land. We collected potentilla even when there was snow, after heavy autumn rains — and it was alright. Dried for the winter, it treats very well, if brewed and consumed.
        “Also it is possible to enumerate Ginseng and Eleutherococcus — both gonadotrophic plants which increase the general tonus of many body systems, efficiency, and resistance to diseases.
        “On the contrary, I can remember now several ineffective plants, such as: leaves of eucalyptus, celandine, nard, St. John's wort, all kinds of camomile. Although they, by people’s tradition, are often tried and used.
        “… And now look at Juanito,” — suddenly said Vladimir quietly, pointing upwards. — “Here, at the top, just above the large pines, — His Face.”
        Vladimir smiled, looking at me.
        “You can hug him — with your hands of the spiritual heart.”
        I, as was taught by Vladimir, came out of anahata backward, straightened as the spiritual heart and began to search — by the arms of the consciousness — to embrace the Holy Spirit Juanito, Who was so easily seen for Vladimir. I tried to restore in myself all emotions of love, which were experienced by me, relating to my former everyday life, — for God. But since I had never imagined Him at some definite place, and more so, as an American Native Chief, also not having clairvoyance — this task was very difficult for me in this situation.
        “Juanito says that He is ready to take you as a student and make of you the Spiritual Warrior…” — Vladimir paused, listening to the next words. — “But for this you must wish this very strongly for yourself.”
        I was covered by a wave of happiness! I did not even remember whether I replied something or only nodded in assent, being unable to express any emotions: “I now have a personal Teacher — the Holy Spirit Juanito! How can it be possible to doubt: do I want? Of course, I do wish! A young American Native Chief is my Teacher!” All my thoughts even stopped — of joy!
        “Juanito says that there are no people in your lands who are able to accommodate the higher true knowledge concerning God. Now — you have to concentrate alone on your own improvement. He also stresses the importance for you to stay frequently in nature, at places of power.
        “It is necessary to organize a group with which you can walk in forests,” — He continued. — “But to create it, you need to express yourself. About yourself — as about a person who is ready to help other people with your own knowledge and by other skills. But you must be extremely cautious with those who are not able to accommodate this knowledge.”
        Since this topic was voluminous, I decided to think about it later. But now — due to emotions of happiness which entirely possessed me — I could not solve such serious questions, as I just became a personal student of the Holy Spirit — American Native Chief Juanito!
        … Vladimir, taking me aside from the campfire, offered to work with the psycho-physical exercises, described in his book Ecopsychology.
        In particular, it was possible to ask for help from the Holy Spirit, raising hands up and merging with Him there — then feel, drawing hands down, how the Divine Light was spilling, washing my whole body. And then — I could pour out this Light from anahata, presenting It to all around me.
        Such exercises I already mastered at home. Now it was the new Holy Spirit that was helping me — He was Juanito, and now all these actions occurred in nature, and even at His place of power. The difference in scale was felt immediately. The sensations became much clearer.
        But I also quickly came to fatigue. Again, it became cold, and I returned to the campfire.
        After resting Vladimir suggested repeating everything.
        Working on the path, I met Anna coming to meet with me. She carried an armful of firewood. As always, she, smiling happily, pointed out that over there, on a small sunny clearing, Juanito is now seen even better.
        I immediately went to the designated location. There seemed to be especially intense sunlight. It was warm. It even warmed my toes through the rubber boots. I was happy to begin repeating the exercises with an emphasis on merging with Juanito.
        I saw a large fireball above my head: maybe it was because the sun was shining, but maybe I really saw — yet I did not understand. I tried to feel the emotions that were felt formerly, embracing people dear to me, and those emotions which were always only dreamed about, but did not happen… And then — my body was overflowed by hot heat and blissful joy filled my whole being!… So overwhelmed with emotions, which seemed to not fit and flowed over the edge! My eyes were full of tears — and were drying quickly in sunlight… Yes, it was He — God — in concrete Manifestation through the Divine Holy Spirit by the name of Juanito!
        But it appeared that it was not easy to maintain this state for a long time. I paused, inhaled in widely the air and… — hugged Juanito. Then — again and again…
        I did not know how much time had passed, but at some point I noticed Vladimir approached. He smiled.
        “But did you yourself say to Juanito, that you love Him?”
        I suddenly discovered that, indeed, I did not utter a single word. For some reason, when I began to form my own emotions into words, it turned out that I did not find such words — and, as a result, I started to stutter and then — became generally silent. Well, now it was necessary for me to learn to talk — to talk about love!
        “Look: here Juanito’s Disciples, Who attained the Perfection, gathered,” — Vladimir continued. — “They are also willing to help — and make of you the Spirit Warrior!”
        How I wanted to see and hear Them at that moment! From this — the desire escalated to learn more quickly and to move towards Their Perfection!
        But at present, I could only be happy, sigh, and make declarations of love!


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