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I Cannot Love You Entirely
When You Are in Such a State!

        And then we went to Lada.
        Her place of power was not far away, only about a hundred meters from our glade — in the forest, between the tall pines. There was another energy state. Vladimir directed our attention to this by proposing to detect the changes, by crossing the borders. I immediately found it. The feeling inside the glade was such that it became easier to breathe, it was possible to inhale completely and to come away from the body with almost the whole volume of consciousness.
        Vladimir said later that at this point the spiritual heart itself becomes enormous.
        We went a few meters further and stopped. I closely followed my own feelings. At some moment, the whole surrounding area became… more intense. Vladimir said that we had entered into Lada. He smiled silently. I understood already that this means that he is listening in.
        “Lada points to your head. She is dissatisfied with your upper ‘bubble of perception’. She says that She cannot love you with your such upper ‘bubble’ — entirely.”
        I felt like a little kitten, which was waiting for sour cream, but which, instead, was poured over with a bucket of cold water. She cannot love me? Everything is so horrible?!
        Vladimir saw my face, laughed, and again kissed me on the cheek.
        Well, I thought, probably They only scare.
        But, on the other hand, would the Holy Spirit say to me anything without a reason? No matter how many fun sides could be in this, with Lada I had to take these words of Her seriously. So, it requires of me to become such, for Lada to love me entirety! And how could it be otherwise?!
        Vladimir asked me if I wished now to return to the previous place — or to stay here, with Lada. Of course, I decided to stay.
        I went along the path to the place where I felt Lada most intensively, and tried to catch — without the assistance of Vladimir — perhaps some thoughts or words that She would like to tell me: what should I look for, how to improve myself?
        I desperately was digging in my past, trying to catch those of my sins, because of which the state of my upper “bubble of perception” looked so bad that even such intensive work on the working site of Maenuel brought only partial changes.
        Finally, it seemed to me that some definite ideas stood out especially — and I recorded them in my notebook.
        Feeling a little relief, I joined the rest of the group.
        Vladimir asked nothing. He sat on a log, listening to God.
        … Then the topic of discussion was a way to help me cleanse my “bubble of perception”. Vladimir offered to return tomorrow to this same location. But, as always, when making important decisions, he asked for a blessing from God.
        “Lada is here. She endorses the plan.”


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