Visit 3

The Revelation from Andrew the Apostle

        We were sitting in a room discussing the latest developments, including the cause of my “failed” cancer.
        Vladimir said:
        “The cause of any cancer — is local genetic damage in the cells of an organ. In other words — a genetic damage.
        “But what can cause them?
        “This may be specific viruses, radiation exposure, genetic abnormalities received from parents, and other factors. But one of the most common mechanisms — an activity of “up-residents”-imps, or in other words — demons. Having a foothold in the body of the victim, such spirit begins to build a dwelling for itself, which should be familiar to it — according to its latest incarnation. That is, the imp builds its new home — adjusting “to its taste” the genotype of the selected cells of the victim’s body.
        “Of course, we must never forget that all this is happening in front of God and in accordance with the karma of the individual.
        “That is, we should always look for a specific karmic cause of the disease and try to understand and correct the mistakes in ourselves.
        “But with regards to you, I think, the disease could be planned by God with the purpose to ‘drive’ you to me by any means, if you began to doubt, hesitate… But you had taken the right decision — and therefore the terrible prospect was canceled.
        “And after all this you also understood very much and learned a lot.”
        … Vladimir paused, turned his attention to God and said that we were joined by Andrew the Apostle.
        Andrew began to speak, and Vladimir told me to write it down in detail:
        “Guru Nanak-2 accumulated negative elements of fate due to the fact that he felt his own ‘eliteness’ and superiority over others. Women, children and old people — they were perceived as ‘human excess weight’.
        “He was a magnificent man with a big physique. And he did not take into his own consideration the gradual development of the soul — from embodiment to embodiment in different bodies.
        “Now, in this earthly life, you should deal with all this, gradually delivering yourself from the negative karma, on the background of your own suffering. But Vladimir — in one go — let it all by taking your karma on himself.”
        … Vladimir laughed and explained that in His last words Andrew joked.

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