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Good to Know the Whole Way!

        “It is possible to cut the way a thousand times, if you know the whole,” — Vladimir continued his thought. — “How was I leaded?… What should be done to show to someone something completely bizarre, strange, not revealed to anyone yet? For example, the segments? How can God explain this to an incarnate person, if there is not a material body, through which He could speak freely about it? Or how to explain that it is the reason to train myself to stay below my own body? Just people — in their common crass spiritual ignorance — are afraid to be at the bottom: there is, they say, — the hell in the earth, but God is in the sky above…*
        “And how much did our Teachers had to think in order to bring all this — to my understanding?
        “Do you remember Babaji’s place of anahata in the forest, where He was standing near the fir-tree? How I have learned about this place? I once rode on the train pass, at a distance of a few kilometers from there. I suddenly saw Babaji from the window of the train. He directed — with the Hand of Mahadouble — me to go there the next time! I remembered this, then fulfilled — and found that wonderful place!
        “But how to transform quickly the spiritual heart of a beginner — to several hundred meters in size, if before it was… only a little bigger than the body?” — Vladimir said thoughtfully, absorbed in memories. — “So, with the knowledge about places of power, I was shown the principal directions of spiritual development, which were developed by us in the future. And look at the result!
        “The knowledge about the places of power were derived from the writings of Carlos Castaneda — who himself received them from the words of Juan Matus. That was a great feat Castaneda accomplished, writing and making public all this information!
        “Although only very few people began to work successfully thanks to Castaneda's books… After all, very many — only became addicted to drugs…
        “Castaneda gave both: the great temptation — and the opportunity for the greatest spiritual achievements! Without this knowledge, nothing great could have happened with me personally, and, respectively, with all of you and many others.
        “I have spoken now so much, to show you, how it is hard for God — to explain to incarnate people the Path to Him, to give initiations into the highest knowledge! And how it is fine that we now go day to day together — and work, work!… When I look at this situation by the eyes of God — I feel deep and quiet joy!…”
        … I listened in silence, filled with the same enthusiasm and absorbing, like a sponge, all that was being said by my Master. The speed with which I was given the new knowledge and skills of spiritual development, yet, was above my ability to comprehend all at once, to the feel whole set of them — as well as awareness of my own role in what was happening. And, although I have ceased to be a “small”, but the final value of my own spiritual growth for all my previous incarnations far coincided with how I currently perceive myself.
        Vladimir saw it all, God knew it, and I — … only carefully looked at all this — and started back…
        But even my timid wild guesses, as it later turned out, were still far from reality.
        “Your state which has been achieved in the last incarnation,” — Vladimir suddenly spoke again, catching and continuing my thoughts,— “the spiritual heart is extensive, easily filled with the Divine Light-Fire. This was your normal state in the adulthood of your past life. It is very much, if seen from the beginning of the Path, from the state of those souls which live only in their bodies and feel themselves only as the bodies. But there is still very much that can be done. This Divine Light-Fire — it is just Brahmanic Manifestation. But — not the Creator yet…

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