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Materialistic and Spiritual Psychiatry

        We still had time before the train. And, because it was impossible to lose it, spending it in vain, Vladimir suggested walking with him again and talking about medicine.
        He began to speak, but suddenly… broke off mid-sentence:
        “Maenuel interrupts. He says: ‘Tatyana is already aware in this. Switch over!’”
        It was so nice to know that the Holy Spirit listens and participates even in such our conversations!
        How I wanted to get rid of all the barriers to the perception of the Holy Spirit — just as Vladimir was able to! Indeed, for him — They are just as real as embodied people! He lives almost constantly in Their company! And it was possible to watch him from time to time switching his attention between communicating with us — to communicate with Them! It was as easy as changing-over contacts with two groups of people using modern means of operational telecommunications!
        … I decided to touch on psychiatry. It was always very attractive for me, but when I knew that almost no psychiatric illness can be cured through materialistic medicine: it can only damp the symptoms, — then I refused to choose that profession.
        Vladimir said:
        “Yes, to really help mentally ill people with materialistic psychiatry — it is almost impossible. As for concerns regarding schizophrenia, it is necessary, first of all, to make sure of the allegiance of the diagnosis. Let’s remember how in so called ‘Soviet’ time, the psychiatrists in our country were obligated to declare this diagnosis for not only schizophrenics, but even for those who were religious, who wanted to learn voluntarily and independently one or another eastern language…”
        I asked about child psychiatry.
        “Children with mental disabilities, for example, with an inclination to pyromania, with strong aggressiveness — it is better for them to be isolated from the society, under medical supervision, of course. Because they are the criminals of the future. But phenomena such as autism, are removed easily — by means of clearing the chakras and the development of anahata.”
        I complained about the difficulty of university tests, where it was necessary to keep in mind a lot of classifications and subclassifications of mental illness.
        “Yes, the designation of those words or other forms of such disorders — it is simply ‘a way of talking’, as Juan Matus expressed.
        Materialist psychiatry itself — is, first of all, a way of bringing up the arrogance in psychiatrists! They learn to look down on each other, placing the ‘diagnoses’ to everyone.”
        After thinking a bit, Vladimir continued:
        “Once I had the opportunity to get acquainted with the statistical data on the incidence of mental illness among physicians. It turned out that just the psychiatrists were in the first place!
        “There are, of course, among psychiatrists, those who turn out well enough to ‘survive’ before the temptation of this sin.
        “But, still, little-useful modern psychiatric diagnostics should be replaced in the future with the Divine diagnostics. It means to estimate each person from the position of the Evolution, i.e. as well as God sees this! I mean several coexisting systems of psychotypification, taking into account, above all, the psychogenetic age of each, plus the identification of significant fundamental flaws of the souls. Only on this basis, the creative diagnostics is possible, allowing not only to ‘pin a label’, but to treat and to cure — on the basis of understanding of the mechanism of the ongoing processes.”
        Vladimir paused and then spoke again:
        “If to approach each person from the evolutionary standpoint, at once it will become obvious that:
        — many cases of dementia are not diseases but just the early stages of development of mental abilities of evolutionarily young souls,
        — that epilepsy is often caused by a demon (the primitive spirit — human or animal) which took up its residence in the body of the patient,
        — that the cause of paranoia and of many psychopathic changes are, most often, the nurturing the grotesque ethical defects,
        — that the gearing of schizophrenia is demon possession because of serious ethical errors on the background of intellectual weakness…
        “Conclusion — to be mentally healthy, we must study the God's Will for us and to learn to live according to it, but not to the morality inculcated by religious pseudo-pastors and criminal ‘authorities’ of all sizes.”
        “Another question: I had a case when a teenager, who wanted to commit suicide because of unrequited love, appealed to the reception. How can we help? What may be advisable in such cases for the youth?”
        “It could be advised to that boy to pay attention to how he himself could help others and due to what personal qualities he could be loved by others — for they themselves to begin to seek his love.
        “One has to learn to live in the mode of giving, rather than the desire to obtain and receive from others!
        “We must see that total self-centrism is peculiar to the majority of children! It is, in particular, from here — the inability to put oneself in the place of those who are robbed, who are humiliated, beaten, killed.”
        We heard the voices of gulls in the sky, and Vladimir immediately “switched”, and suggested the meditation:
        “Voices of seagulls create the feeling of spaciousness! We can look through their eyes at the world…”


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