Farewell to the Cats

        I wrote to Vladimir for the first time some years ago. I was still a medical student in university at that time. Probably due to the fact that I misunderstood something, seeing this, Vladimir proposed to me to work on the ethical aspect of my life and to write to him again after graduating from university. If, I did not change my mind by that time, of course. That is, after four years.
        I wrote to him six years later. Why? Because I considered myself not worthy enough yet.
        In my new letter to Vladimir, I asked some advices from him and suspected that this would be the end of our relationship.
        But Vladimir responded very favorably.
        We then exchanged letters, one for another, for two months, until he suddenly announced that he would be glad to meet with me. I really did not expect such a turn of events: my dismal future suddenly started to acquire rainbow colors!
        We agreed to meet in the spring, at the end of April. During the time prior to the scheduled meeting, I had to completely master the course of raja yoga, as it was described by Vladimir in his books and films.
        During these months, I had sometimes to go through tests which could have, theoretically, resulted in a further postponement of the trip. But I understood that it was God Himself Who was testing me!
        At that time, there were also a male cat and a six-month-old female cat living with me. I loved them very much! But I knew that Vladimir would not approve of such attachment towards them, which would not even allow me to be absent from the house for a couple of days. Yes, on the one hand, I felt guilty about keeping them in a one-room flat as locked in a cage, but, on the other hand, I was afraid to let them out on the street, because cars could run over them!
        I remembered an incident that occurred right in front of my eyes: one cat was crossing the road and jumped directly under the wheels of a passing car. The car just left, and the cat remained there suffering and having convulsions. And in the distance there were already the shining lights of the next cars coming. I rushed on the road, grabbed the cat, and ran with it to the opposite side, and put it on the grass under a birch tree. It was a simple black-and-white cat, small and defenseless, with its eyes half-closed, so warm, it jerked one last time in agony and then died…
        After witnessing this horrible incident, I continued to keep my pets inside four walls.
        And suddenly… Vladimir wrote to me that he sees me… (from another city!) “in mergence with cats!”
        “It is wonderful,” — he said, — “that you love them so much, but now it is time to merge — with the emotions of love — with God, not with cats!”
        He also noticed that if it was too difficult for me to agree to put my cats into someone else’s good hands, then maybe it would be better to postpone our meeting?…
        I was astounded: how could he so precisely detect my situation?!
        I had never even suspected before, that I was “in mergence” with someone! However, analyzing the situation, I realized that my over-pouring their little noses and soft fluffy tummies with kisses was just the manifestation of love of which Vladimir was talking about!
        This was concerning the distribution of my indriyas: either we direct our own attention and love towards objects of the “earthly” world, including, for example, cats and dogs. Or, we can direct them towards God, Whom we love so much that we aspire to be able to cognize Him and Merge with Him entirely.
        On top of that, I realized that, in spite of my profession as a medical doctor, my own health left much to be desired. The medical knowledge, which we received, was not sufficient to the extent that we, the students, could support good health even in ourselves.
         I understood that these problems should be solved in the quickest way.
        Three days later, leaving for work, I released my male cat, which already had a tendency of wanting to be free in the streets for a long time. I then turned around one last time to see it happily running away with its tail held up high — and then I went away.
        Then I succeeded to present my female cat to a female friend of mine. It was much more interesting for a cat to live in a society with five other cats.
        And silence came back into my house. Now my indriyas appeared free, and I could now direct them towards God: this was exactly what Vladimir was hinting.
        I did not have any more doubts about going to see him.
        And I energetically set out to work on transforming myself in accordance with the methods developed by Vladimir: I cleansed my chakras and meridians, learned to look out from the chakras… All seemed right! My health improved, my face began to look younger, even my old friends ceased to recognize me…


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