The Current Situation on the Earth

        “I now am told that everyone should live as if one’s current lifetime on the Earth in this body comes to an end,” — Vladimir continued. — “Every day should be filled with active deeds of self-development and service as soon as possible! You must try to have time to do everything you have to! Then — it may be too late!...
        “The Apostles John and Mark are now with us, and They are speaking to us.
        “And now here is also Adler, and He completes this topic. He says: ‘On you, each of you exactly, whom I gathered here now, depends very much! As for the Evolution of Consciousness on the Earth, then — if this is not done now — other similar opportunities in the foreseeable future on this planet will not be! And then the question arises about the termination of the existence of mankind on the Earth. Because that is how goes the evolution of souls on the planet — it (in its present form) is not necessary to God! And you must not miss this chance to serve God, to serve the Evolution of the Universal Consciousness! From you — depends how will proceed further life of people on this planet!’
        “Adler recalls how He created our planet: He as the enormous in size Fiery Anahata, put forward as if some kind of kidney. And this ‘bud’ became overgrown by matter (prakriti), which was drawn from protoprakriti. So — the Earth came out.
        “And He says that for Him to simply remove Himself, His Fiery Part, from the planet’s core — the planet would begin to fall to the elementary particles. Matter would disintegrate. Matter cannot exist without God!
        “Adler shows how the electrons fall to their cores — and matter disappears.
        “‘Why,’ — He says — ‘do electrons rotate around the nuclei, what is the cause of this rotation?
        ‘What is the cause of the centrifugal and centripetal forces within the atoms, which allows the existence of everything in the material world? This,’ — He says — ‘I will them to rotate!’
        “Is it clear?” — Vladimir appealed to us. — “The atom, as a whole, in comparative terms, takes a very large volume of space. Because the most part of its volume is just distance between nuclei and electrons. And they themselves — nuclei and electrons — in comparison with the volume of the atom — are negligible. But the atom exists due to the fact that electrons move, that is, due to their motion around the nucleus. And if you stop this movement, the material objects disappear.”
        “Adler continues... By the way, Thoth-the-Atlantean also came… And Eagle... Here also are — Jesus and His Apostles, Sulia... They again repeat that on all the embodied, here present, — depends very much...
        “Sulia says: ‘Many times We have repeated that the situation on the planet is very bad! Those who are revered as the spiritual leaders, too often preach a lie! This has never happened on such a scale! There were always people of different varieties... But true knowledge was existing in the spiritual traditions! And now, this true knowledge on the planet is practically nil! There are only a few crumbs. Therefore, without further recourse to a large number of words, I offer...’
        “No, Adler interjects: ‘... We invite you to join into Our Common Collective We, and do everything possible to ensure that the same fate is bestowed to all the worthy! Otherwise, the evolution of souls on the Earth will be stopped!’
        “Here, Sulia speaks: ‘Let it be so! Both I’, — She says — ‘and We all actively help you! Each of you can see this in your lifetime: drops of true knowledge ‘dripped’ on the Earth forever, but on you, on each, was poured out not only the ‘bucket’ of such ‘drops’, but a huge ‘vat’! It was a waterfall of true knowledge — about Us, about you yourselves, about how to develop!
        ‘It is necessary to change all! It is necessary to change the course of the evolution of people!’
        “Elizabeth Haich says,” — Vladimir continued to translate: “‘It is early now to put a point in the fate of the Earth. The evolution of each of you will continue. But also it requires an intense force by each of you to ensure that the evolution be accomplished not only within you, but also within other people! And it is not even about people who just exist on the Earth today, but about a long series of generations to come. They need to learn from you the true and supreme knowledge, which We have the honor to give you: you to become worthy to be among Us, to become equal to Us...’ At this point, the conversation is over, but there will be a continuation, and more than once.”

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