Visit 3

Ngomo the Great

        Vladimir began to acquaint me with Ngomo when we were still on the hill of Sufi, on the other side of that hill.
        Pointing into the distance, he began to explain:
        “Look over there: there — huge, of many kilometers, Mahadouble of Ngomo. From there — He now stretches out His Hand to us. Our bodies are on His Hands.
        “Let’s look around from His Hand. Around on all sides — the multidimensional Infinity of the Absolute!
        “Feel: God keeps me on His Palm. He is always watching me: all, I am doing, what I think about, what I say. He holds on His Hand, contemplates and determines about my future — the near and distant — according to all accepted me ethically important decisions…
        “To experience and remember this — it is important: I am always visible for God, to hide from Him — impossible! There is no way to hide anything from Him! Everything I ever thought about, no matter what I was saying, no matter what I was doing — all is taken into consideration in building my fate! At every moment Ngomo and Other Holy Spirits behold me from all sides!
        “… And one more meditation, which is convenient to perform here: we can be merged with Ngomo and then go into our bodies, introduce hands of the consciousness into their middle meridians — and from there cleanse the eyes.
        “… That is — Sufi has flown! Like a bird! Also wants to help you with your eyes,” — Vladimir said suddenly, and we all laughed.
        … I was working, feeling Their Hands, Merging with Them. My job was hampered a little with cold. And Vladimir insistently taught me to blow my nose not into a handkerchief, but right on the ground, plugging first one nostril with a finger, and then another. He explained that a handkerchief is a source of infection. Infected snot dries on the fabric — and then, with any action with it, are sprayed from a handkerchief and infect others. Therefore, it is appropriate to use a handkerchief only where to blow ‘against the ground’ is considered obscene.
        I learned this… long and hard, as I could not overcome some of my “complexes”. To blow my nose “by Vladimir” I tried to hide from all in the bushes. There I… trained. And all from a distance looked at me and laughed.
        Then Vladimir had to pronounce on this subject a little lecture:
        “If you feel the matter,” — he said, — “it is easy to condemn some kinds of matter: this and that are ‘bad’. But in this case we again are dealing with the ‘human form’.
        “Consider this example: while my saliva is in my mouth, it is a natural part of me — and everything is fine, is not it? But if it is spit out — the same saliva may cause disgust! I don’t want to have any contact even with my own spit! But why?
        “And the snot — this is like the same diluted mucus, born by my body. Saliva of a spit and snot — it is just a matter, prakriti — in its various manifestations. They can be considered philosophically — better than as patterns of ‘human form’, that is, not because it is ‘accepted’ or ‘not accepted’.
        “All this is the prakriti. The corpses also are the prakriti. And if we understand that all this is only options of the prakriti, the aversion to dead bodies or fear of them will be gone. As well as to the snot.”
        “Well, the corpses — this is for me already passed on the student stage of the development,” — I laugh.
        “Snot! That is — the current stage! Hot topic!” — Vladimir proclaimed solemnly, and we laughed together.
        Then he concluded:
        “Surely, we should always feel and observe the border between acceptable and unacceptable in terms of esthetics. I will not analyze the examples now. But blow your nose in the forest — in our ‘pattern’! It is — right.”
* * *
        “And now let us go to another working site of Great Ngomo,” — Vladimir said. Then, listening and smiling, he added:
        “Ngomo jokes: ‘Oh, — He says, — I was never ever called so!’.”
        … The morning was cool and I was a little cold. Plus — a runny nose…
        But Ngomo — enveloped with the senses of smiles and joyous laughter! As a result, I was so emboldened that I even dared to pester Him with a “bold prayer”: the request for the African heat. I wanted to warm up my body — to hot temperatures! Apparently, my body was overheated by my mother in my childhood. It was from there — a love for heat and rejection of cold.
        … The place where we came up, it turned out, was on the pure sand. Why here it is not a hot African desert?
        … Vladimir, trying just a little to satisfy my desire for heat, organized us near a hot fire. Around it we rested, and I was a little warmed.
        Then we went back to the working site.
        “We are in Him, in Great Ngomo,” — Vladimir said. — “And the first thing we can do here, is ‘go down through earth’ — into the ‘abyss’ behind the body. The ‘abyss’ is filled with the bright white fire-like Divine Light! This place of power is the more beautiful example of the ‘hole’, which allows us to penetrate the Divine eons by the lightest way!
        “Then we can train the same also in relation to all our other segments.
        “Here we can even touch the Living Light of His Divine Consciousness — between our fingers of the consciousness. From the state of being dissolved and Oneness, we recreate only the hands — and feel Ngomo with fingers, between them.
        “Search Ngomo! He is here — for kilometers in all directions!
        “We can move with the concentration of self-feeling inside a huge Mahadouble of Ngomo. In Him here — several working sites with different properties and capabilities.
        “Here it is very easy to do the ‘incursion’ from behind on our own bodies — so that they be seen only as the front walls of them, if to see them from behind.
        “For this I come to the body by the ‘wall of light’ — and connect with the space inside the body. I fill this space with the light-myself — up to the smallest details of the body, such as nose, ears, eyes, fingers and toes. We use for this our hands of the consciousness.
        “And the body can now be seen as a ‘moving bas-relief’ consubstantial with the Great Wall of the Light!
        “While in this state, one can easily convert the light-myself into the Divine Fire. Let’s cleanse, in particular, our faces, coming into heads from behind.
        “Repeat all this for all four segments.
        “Complete healing of different complex diseases can be occurred only if we have washed and cleansed the body from the four segments.
        “Let’s enter into meditation: ‘There is only the Divine Fire’. It is advisable to make this state natural for us. It should be steady, stable!
        “Moreover, we can move as the Divine Fire: to be It, including, in front of my moving body, also inside it and around it…
        “This practice allows us to gradually increase the amount of Fire-ourselves, preparing us for becoming the ‘Sun of God’.
        “Let’s try to understand the importance of this meditation: by this way we are mastering the state of the consciousness that is identical to that in which the most powerful Holy Spirits come out from the Abode of the Creator!
        “And we can learn to be in this state already right now!
        “The next step could be the mastering of stable being in the Abode of the Creator — in the Mergence with Him.
        “… Lada, too, is now here. She is watching us. She says that Ngomo will say something to Tatyana, but She ‘goes about Her affairs’.”
        We laughed and continued to work.
        “Tatyana!” — Vladimir said, having come up to me. — “You again are standing still! Maybe I
m wrong suggesting you to move your body during the meditations? Maybe you have such unusual characteristic that it is better for you to meditate without ‘physical’ motions? You might do the personal experiment — try to compare: how it could be better?”
        I replied with a little irritation that I do not feel much of a difference. Vladimir nodded and walked away.
        I tried one more time — to move or stand still. And I noticed that to be in the extensive meditations, it is easier on the move. But “small” ones, where it is required, for example, to focus on eliminating minor impurities in some parts of the body, it is better obtained — for me — when the body is stationary.
        … But I was not able to meditate more: fatigue swept over, I was ready to fall where I was and sleep. Barely moving my feet, I walked a little aside, and expanding tourist rug, plopped down on my back, staring into the blue sky. Scattered arms and legs, sank in bliss, I belatedly noted that I did not take off my outer-clothes, and now again, Vladimir will come and offer to remove it, because already for a long time the sun had risen, and, in general, it was hot!
        But I was — so good! I was not able to move a muscle! And Ngomo saturated me with His Sun! I dissolved in Him, in His Joy, in His blessed Calm!
        … Vladimir, however, did not come up. He went to collect mushrooms. The others — they even lay down to sunbathe. And I was lying and enjoying — in Ngomo’s ‘African’ heat!
        … At the end, my strength recovered. Feeling that I already am able to sit, I got up and began to slowly pull the garment off.
        Ngomo asked me to listen and write down His words:
        “About six thousand people will come in the future to you to learn…” — I hesitated a bit on the figure, but then thought, ‘the time will correct’. — “Let them be — like your children! Take care of them, like of yourself!
        “Close your eyes to the fact that people are not looking for Me! Let there be only one from a hundred who will want to listen! Tell to this one about Me, starting from scratch!”
        … Then Ngomo touched on some nuances and details on my work with students in my town. I only sighed, thinking hard, how can I accomplish this most successfully and flawlessly!
        Ngomo smiling. I mingled with His gentle white Light and was ready to stay here forever!


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