Visit 3

“Bridal Chamber” of God-the-Father

        The place of power of Huang Di, which He suggested us to visit today, was on the beach. Here He showed the Abode of the Creator, and taught how to dive in it.
        We got off the train and headed in the needed direction. Suddenly I felt the special properties of tenderness and joy that filled my anahata. It was so great that I just… “came alive”, clearly realizing that this state was given to me by my new Teacher Huang Di! I went with Him in an embrace like with my beloved! I never thought that He is such! After all… — the Emperor of China, Wise Mentor!… I laughed, surprised and delighted!
        “I have never seen so much Huang Di!” — Vladimir suddenly said. — “He came out on a date with you!”
        … We came to the place of power: sandy beach, and in front, as far as the eye could see, stretched the sea, gently and softly rustling its waves.
        “This is — a place where Huang Di wants to show you the new meditation,” — Vladimir said, throwing off the backpack. I followed his example, and we sat on logs lying on the sand. A campfire site was located here. So Vladimir quickly kindled a small fire.
        After we rested and had eaten a bit, he began to explain.
        “Let’s start with a warm-up: we approach to water — and remember how to keep the sea on our hands — the hands of the Mahadouble.
        “Then — the same thing, going barefoot in the water, and from the sea — in relation to the land.”
        … He waited until I performed these meditations, and then continued:
        “Next let us continue the work with the ‘bubbles of perception’. We already had ‘opened’ the bottoms of the below ‘bubbles’ — and through their bottomlessness we could be included in the subtlest eons.
        “Let’s do this, first, from the right-back segment, then — from the left-back, and then — from both simultaneously.
        “ … Now — another preparatory meditation: enter into a state of two ‘Suns of God’ — ‘right’ and ‘left’…
        “… And now — the main thing. But it can be done only with the participation of Huang Di. That is, as the meditation has been turned out, it needs His direct Will.
        “Namely, we should try to invite Him — by His Face — in our anahatas. And, if He agrees — then it will be easy to fall into His Universal Anahata — Boundless Spiritual Heart of Huang Di, that exists in the Abode of the Creator.
        “So — we are in the common for all Divine Teachers Abode. It is from here — They come to help the incarnate people, appearing before us in Their Light Appearances — including, in the forms of Mahadoubles and ‘Suns of God’.
        “… Entering the Abode of Their United Us — we straighten our arms of consciousnesses and are cognizing God in His state of Peace…
        “… Huang Di, Lao Tse, Han are now nearby our bodies. Huang in not, apparently He is busy with other cares…
        “What are They doing while I am talking about this?… They are looking at us, watching. We — ‘therefore’ — can be embracing Them.
        “And if there are any suggestions or hints for meditation or anything else — then we need to take Their advices, instructions…
        “Huang Di have come closest to our bodies. He opens — by Himself —  the entrance to Their common Abode… This is His favorite kind of Divine Work: to show for the successful disciples of God this stage of their spiritual development.
        “… Now try to do all this without my participation, but only with the assistance of Huang Di…
        “Let me remind you that Philip the Apostle called the Abode of God-the-Father as ‘Bridal Chamber’, that is, the place where as if the United One takes into His Embraces every newly entering Soul — and merges with It in the Divine Bliss of the Perfect Love.
        … I felt the Huang Di’s Face in my anahata — and I got it all immediately! What a bliss! I desperately wanted to penetrate there in full — up to the last drop of myself! For, as before Vladimir said, from there, from Their Abode — to be able to look at the world of matter, put my body on the hand of consciousness, like a glove. But it has not succeeded.
        “Well, Huang Di says that He takes you in His Hands”, — Vladimir said, — “and shows you the ‘Bridal Chamber’ of God-the-Father from the inside…”

* * *
      When we then rested, Vladimir continued the conversation:
        “It is necessary, using a scheme of studying the structure of the Absolute, which was published in our books, — to learn to distinguish between the eons. Not having enough experience in discernment of them, they can be confused. This is especially dangerous in a relation to those eons which are deprived of the bright luminosity.
        “In the Abode of the Primordial Consciousness — there is no bright light: in fact, there are Peace, Calm.
        “And there is a characteristic precisely for this eon: as if slight structured light.
        “In a way, the eon of protoprakriti is similar to the ‘Bridal Chamber’. But it does not have that structuring. In the eon of protoprakriti we see the stars, and if to go there further, then we see constellations.
        “There is also the black hell, the contents of which is a sticky blackness consisting of aggression and anger. If to tune with it — this would cause a state of horror… And the consequences can be very unfavorable…
        “But — it is better not to attune! Better — to direct the attention to God!

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